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September 11, 2020

Skylerts beginning August 03, 2020


September 18

Good afternoon FCE Families,

Another week is in the books!  It was another great week at FCE.  We were able to have school pictures and some students began taking the fall NWEA assessment.  Our kindergarten students are now walking off of the bus by themselves and finding their classrooms and all students are settling in and feeling a part of the awesome community we have here at FCE.  They continue to do a great job following safety guidelines as well.  Thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate through this everchanging time. Here are your weekly updates:

PHASE 3:  The School Board voted yesterday for us to return to school 100% starting on Oct. 5th!  At that time, all students coming in-person will report each day Monday through Friday.  There will still be a 100% virtual option at this time as well.  More details to come…..

BUSES:  Students will likely get home a few minutes later for the time being now that students in grades 5-12 are back to school and hours continue to adjust.  Transportation is still navigating the triple routing system, so thank you for your patience.

ENRICHMENT/READ ALOUD:  We are happy to continue the additional “live” optional virtual experiences for students working at home.  We have had to make some adjustments to the schedule.  The read aloud time is moving from 2:00pm to 11:30am (same link).  For enrichment, we will be looking at problem solving and creativity through the arts.  This live opportunity has moved to 10:00 on M, Tu, Th, and F.  Mrs. Meyer will continue with her SEL lessons as she has done previously at the same scheduled times.  See the attachment for more details that reflect the changes.  9.17.20 FCE Virtual Enrichment Opportunities.docx 

LANYARDS:  We have suspended the use of our school issued lanyards.  While we had good intentions using these at lunch, recess, library and special areas to scan barcodes and store masks, they are not break away as we saw advertised when originally ordering them.   This presents a safety concern, so we have decided to discontinue their use.  Some students have break away lanyards they have been bringing from home and these are ok to continue using. 

FACE COVERINGS:  You will be getting a Skylert from the district today regarding some change in guidance around face coverings. HSE Schools is revising its face covering protocols to reflect new guidance from the CDC, the Indiana State Department of Health and the Fishers Health Department, which includes: 

  • Masks with exhalation valves or vents should not be worn as they allow virus particles to escape. 
  • Gaiters should be reconsidered as your child’s primary face covering. According to the CDC, the effectiveness is unknown at this time and is still being evaluated. 
  • Face shields should be reconsidered as your child’s primary face covering. According to the CDC, the effectiveness is unknown at this time and is still being evaluated.
    • A face shield may be worn situationally, if: 
      • During instructional time when staff or students need to see mouth movements. The face shield should be replaced with a mask when the need concludes.  
      • Due to specific reasons, healthcare provider recommends a face shield is a better alternative for the individual.

SEL:  A message from Mrs. Meyer, School Counselor:

Hello Fall Creek Parents!  This week, we started our Social and Emotional Learning curriculum for ALL of our students. Below you will find a link that will provide you access to the Second Step homelinks for each grade,  each week. You can also access these links via my canvas page : Mrs. Meyer- School Counselor, under the Wednesday, Second Step course.  https://hse.instructure.com/courses/101446

This week we covered lesson 1 in all grades with the focus on being a respectful learner.   

Please check out the links below to see what your students are learning. 

September 16: Listening to learn (k-2) and  being a respectful learner (3-4)

September 23: Focusing attention (k-2)  and using self talk (3-4)

September 30: Following directions (k-2)and being assertive (3-4)

October 7: Self talk for learning (k-2) and planning to learn (3-4)

Kindergarten Second Step homelink access:


First grade Second Step homelink access:


Second grade Second Step homelink access:


Third grade Second Step homelink access:


Fourth grade Second Step homelink access:




Recreational Basketball Registration -  Swish. Did you hear? Registration opens Sept. 11th and runs through Oct. 31st for boys and girls interested in skill development and building a love for the game. Open to kindergarteners through 8th grade, the girls season runs from Nov. to early March. Boys (K) plays from Jan. -March, (1st-6th) Nov. - March and (7th/8th) Jan. - March. Opportunities for boys Rec Plus (3rd – 6th) also available. Information and registration can be found at www.myathletics.com

HSE/Fishers Girls Travel Basketball - Tryouts for Travel Basketball for girls in 3rd – 6th grade will take place on September 21st and September 22nd for Fishers and 22nd and 23rd for HSE. Program information and tryout details can be found here https://girlsbasketball.hsesports.org/Default.aspx?tabid=1208432. Athletes must be registered to attend at www.myathletics.com

HSE/ Fishers Boys Travel Basketball - Tryouts for HSE and Fishers Travel Basketball for boys in 3rd – 6thgrade will take place on September 20th and 27th. Program details and tryout details can be found here https://www.mudsockbasketball.com/Default.aspx?tabid=1204023. Athletes must be registered to attend at www.myathletics.com

That is all for now!  Have a wonderful weekend enjoying this fall like weather!

Mrs. Jackson

September 11

Good afternoon FCE Families!

What a great week it has been!  It has been wonderful to see students back in the building again. They have exceeded our expectations when it comes to easing back in, following safety procedures, and showing us their eagerness to learn.  Our hearts are full!

Please see below for some important information going into a new week:

SCHOOL PICTURES - School pictures for red day students will take place on Tuesday, September 15th.  School pictures for blue day students will take place on Thursday, September 17th.  Virtual only students may attend any time 8-8:45 on their respective color day.  See attachment for order info.  school pics.pdf 

BODY SAFETY - Each school year, per Indiana code, K-12 students are required to receive child abuse prevention education.  We will not have this program at FCE until the week of January 25th, but there is an optional virtual parent information meeting taking place on October 2nd at 7:00, so we wanted to make you aware.  I would plan to attend if you are wondering what type of information your child will have discussions around.  You must register using this link in order to receive a zoom link to participate.  Registration Link

Here is an additional flyer about the parent night.  Body Safety.pdf 

As the January date gets closer, we will provide you with information on how to opt your child out if it is your decision to do that.

COMMUNITY BULLETIN - Are you interested in what opportunities are available in the community for your child to participate in?  Please access this link to find information.  


You can also access this link via the FCE website or district website.

ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITIES - Don't forget that your child is able to access optional "live" extension or read aloud experiences on days they are virtually learning.  Here is the information again on how to access these opportunities.  FCE Enrichment Opportunities.docx 

We will continue to keep you updated.  Thank you for sharing your children with us!  Have a relaxing weekend!

Mrs. Jackson


September 1

Good afternoon,

I have more updates to share with Phase 2 50/50 starting next week. I will continue to keep you updated with information as I receive it. This update is primarily for families sending students in-person.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th – Elementary classroom teachers in the district are not meeting with small groups of students in the afternoon this Friday. This time has been given to them dedicated to preparing their classroom for student arrival on Tuesday. Our related arts teachers will be conducting afternoon classes as usual.

FIRST DAY – The first day of in-person learning for the red group will be on 9/8. The first day for the blue group will be on 9/10. Kindergarten students are being asked to wear a green shirt on their first day so that we can easily identify them. Virtual instruction remains in place for our 100% virtual students as well as for red/blue group students when they are at home. (Please refer back to the parent playbook I sent out.)

VIRTUAL TOUR/VIDEO – Here is a brief video that outlines the building and some different procedures in place for phase 2. https://youtu.be/kyMFEnQPcKo

YMCA – We will resume offering before and after school care for families beginning Tuesday. This is only for days your child is in attendance at school in person. If you need full time before and after care (on days your child is not here in person), the YMCA will host this option at another site (not a school).

TRANSPORTATION – Bus numbers, pick up time, and pick up location should be available in Skyward by Friday.

WATER BOTTLES – Please be sure to send your child with a water bottle to school each day. Please be sure it is labeled with your child’s name. They can carry these with them throughout the building and can refill at water filling stations.

START/END TIMES – The in-person student day will start at 9:45am. We will begin unloading car riders and bus riders between 9:35-9:40 as teachers are finishing up their virtual zoom calls. The in-person student day will end at 3:15. The bell for YMCA students and car riders will be at 3:08pm. We will begin dismissing bus riders at 3:10 with the goal of having buses pull out by 3:20pm.

BREAKFAST – The district has decided to not serve breakfast during this phase since our start time has been moved to a later time.

CHICKEN COOP – The students may notice when then return that we no longer have chickens in the coop. L While they were cared for all summer by staff, in mid to late July our chickens began being attacked by a mink in the area. The mink got to every single one, unfortunately and none survived. This is sad to report, and I just wanted to be sure you knew so students could be prepared, especially if they were personally invested in caring for the chickens. We will revisit when the best time might be to bring new chickens in. J

VISITORS - A reminder that there are no classroom volunteers or lunch visitors at this time.

COVID DOCUMENTS – Documents are attached regarding how to screen your child each day before sending them to school as well as guidance on how we will treat staff and students with symptoms, test results, etc.



DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH VIDEOS – Feel free to access these short videos as we gear up for Phase 2.

Mask Up Hoosiers: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fwci7pxxms10512/AACjzIKSyH7Ri1F0w9D-bmtpa/Videos/Mask%20Up%20Hoosiers%20Kids.mp4?dl=0

Washing hands: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fwci7pxxms10512/AACwFDkBAlhCkSZsg0t2aSoFa/Videos/Washing%20Hands.mp4?dl=0

Social distancing: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fwci7pxxms10512/AADJ3w4XtiE03V3Mr1ibFQdWa/Videos/Social%20Distancing.mp4?dl=0

QUICK RECRUITMENT VIDEO FROM LOCAL GIRL SCOUTS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trvbhYfG-08


August 31

New families and kindergarten families only,
    This is a reminder that we would like to invite all new families to FCE as well as all kindergarten students to an optional open house to walk the building tomorrow.  We will hold this tomorrow, Tuesday, September 1st from 5-6:30 pm.  Classroom doors will be opened, but we are asking you to peak in from the door only so nothing is touched or needs to be sanitized.
    Teachers are not required to attend.
    There will be building maps available for the new student and one parent per family to utilize.  We are asking A-K families to plan to attend some time in the 5-5:45 window, and L-Z families in the 5:45-6:30 time frame to keep crowds minimal.
    A virtual tour video will be sent tomorrow for all FCE students to view.  Thanks!
    Mrs. Jackson

August 28

Happy Friday!

As I mentioned yesterday, the parent playbook I sent will be fluid.  We have received some additional guidance today regarding the afternoon live zoom time check in time for virtual students.  This is now more flexible and can be done at any time in the afternoon, not necessarily right at 3:30.  I have copied and pasted below this updated section from the playbook.  Thanks for always being flexible and understanding.  Enjoy the weekend!

 Virtual Students (50/50 or 100%):  The virtual student day begins at 9:00 a.m..  Like in phase 1, they will continue with a live classroom meeting with the teacher at this time.  This will be followed up with some live small group time with the teacher.  Virtual students will continue to use Canvas to watch recorded lessons and complete activities in Math, Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, and a Related Arts class.  At FCE, we all use Everyday Math in some capacity as well as the Units of Study created by Lucy Calkins and Teacher’s College in reading and writing.  At times your child may see a video coming directly from one of those resources, possibly another colleague in that grade level, or from our instructional coach.  We are all working together.  All staff will continue emphasizing the teaching point of each lesson.  At a time determined by the classroom teacher, virtual students will have a brief check in session again sometime in the afternoon.  Students will also have access to live time with a building specialist (teacher librarian, counselor, instructional coach twice each day.  ENL, FOCUS and resource staff will check in daily live with any students on their caseload that are virtual.


August 27

FCE parents,
    As promised, attached is the Parent Playbook for Phase 2.  I hope it is helpful.  Please be sure to complete the phase 2 survey in Skyward by 12:00 tomorrow.


       We would like to invite all new families to FCE as well as all kindergarten students to an optional open house to walk the building.  We will hold this on Tuesday, September 1st from 5-6:30 pm.  Classroom doors will be opened, but we are asking you to peak in from the door only so nothing is touched or needs to be sanitized.  Teachers are not required to attend.  There will be building maps available for the student and one parent per family to utilize.  We are asking A-K families to plan to attend some time in the 5-5:45 window, and L-Z families in the 5:45-6:30 time frame to keep crowds minimal.
    A virtual tour video will go out Tuesday for all students to view.  :)
    See information below from our PTO about spirit wear.  We look forward to seeing everyone soon!
         Mrs. Jackson
    It is time to order optional Grade Level T-shirts and FCE masks. Please visit:

    Checkout is run by PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to place your order. Follow the checkout prompts to complete your order. If you have any problems checking out, email the PTO at fcepto@yahoo.com.
    Each grade level has its own color, which you will see on the home screen of the spirit wear site.
    The deadline to order is August 31st to have them for the first week of in person school. More spirit wear options will be offered later once we get these rolled out for September. Thank you!!

August 26

FCE Families,

I know many of you are trying to make a decision around what phase 2 might look like for your child.  Thank you to all families that have already filled out the Phase 2 survey in Skyward to help us with planning.  You have until Friday at noon to submit this.

I have created a staff "playbook" for phase 2 that we will review as a building tomorrow.  I have also created a parent version so that you have an idea of what operations will look like specifically at FCE during phase 2.  This will come to you by email tomorrow.  I wanted to wait to send until after the board meeting this evening as everything has been so fluid and changing.  I want it to be current and accurate.  Just know that it is coming!

Tomorrow I will also provide information about an open house we will host for new families to FCE as well as kindergarten families.  It will be very informal, but we at least want to give new students an opportunity to walk the building.  More info on that tomorrow as well.

You and the students and the teachers are doing amazing things!  Keep it up!

Mrs. Jackson 

August 20

Good afternoon FCE Families,

I hope your week is going well!  We are happy to share more information allowing students to begin checking out books from the FCE library.  Please refer to the attachment/screen shot above and scan QR codes in the document to access information about how to reserve books.  Our schedule for placing books on hold and for picking books up is below.

Round One of Library Pick up 
Deadline to submit a book on hold is: 
Monday, August 24th by NOON 
Pick up times are: 
Wednesday, August 26th
Thursday, August 27th
Friday, August 28th
8:00am-4:00 pm 

Round Two of Park and Pick up 

Deadline to submit a hold on a book is: 
Monday, August 31st by NOON 

Pick up times are: 
Wednesday, September 2nd 
Thursday, September 3rd 
Friday, September 4th 
8:00am-4:00 pm 

Stay engaged with your reading!

Mrs. Jackson


August 17 
I hope your Monday morning is going well.  I have a few more informational items that I wanted to get out to you today.  

* Phase 2 at all levels utilizes a 50/50 hybrid model.  What we know as of today is that during this phase 50% of our students (last names A-K) will come to school in person on certain days, while 50% of the students (last names L-Z) will come on the other days.  Days that students are not attending in person will still have virtual instruction in some capacity.  Please view the attached calendar.  You will see that the red group attends in person every Monday and Tuesday and alternating Wednesdays, while the blue group attends Thursdays and Fridays and alternating Wednesdays.  I believe there will also still be an option of choosing to be 100% virtual.  We should hear toward the end of this week if this will begin after Labor Day or if phase 2 will be delayed.

*Brain Breaks:  Does your child need a movement break?  Have them check out Mrs. Spears Canvas page for optional wiggle break options each day.

*Speech screenings:  Please see the attachment regarding speech screenings during Phase 1.

*Fees:  Student course fees will be e-mailed to all families on September 4th.  Student course fees are due on October 2nd.  Students who have previously qualified to receive free or reduced need to re-apply each school year.  The deadline to apply is September 16th.  For more information or to apply, please click on the link below:


August 17

Hi all,  To follow up, it looks like it has been published in the re-opening plan that the red group is A-K and the blue group is L-Z.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that all metrics are pointing in the right direction at the end of the week!

Mrs. Jackson

August 6

Good evening FCE Families,

We hope that your child had a great first day.  I know I heard from many teachers about how happy they were to begin seeing the faces of their students.
As we return to school virtually, we are also learning to navigate a difficult time for our nation. The global pandemic, economic hardships, and social unrest around racial injustices has created an unprecedented time for us all to negotiate.
In order to provide safe, supportive, and equitable learning environments to all students, the district is collecting information from families that have students in grades K-4 district-wide. This parent survey asks questions about your student's school experience prior to COVID-19 (may not be applicable to our K families), their experience the last few months during the stay at home order, how the social unrest has impacted them, what concerns you have about learning virtually, and also how your family was personally impacted by COVID-19. Results from this survey will help our teachers, school counselor and other staff provide additional supports to your student if needed.
If you have any further questions or concerns about your child or this parent survey, please reach out to your child's school counselor or building principal.
The district understands that this is a busy time.  Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration on completing this survey.  We would like to have these surveys completed and submitted by 8/14/20.

Here is the survey link to use:


Thank you again,

FCE Staff

August 3

 Good afternoon,
    Please use the link below to meet the FCE principal, assistant principal and counselor.  We look forward to great year!
    Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Seymour, and Mrs. Meyer


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