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Welcome to Fall Creek Elementary School! 

At FCE, we are invested in building a lasting foundation in which the educational, social, and emotional growth of all children can be achieved. We want our students to be inspired and curious learners.

Students at FCE are bright, engaged, and adventurous. We live out the FISH Philosophy as Fall Creek Fish: Choose Your Attitude, Be There, Make Someone’s Day, and Play. Our outdoor learning studio is a creative place for our students to explore the world around them through their five senses. Learning about adventure through various experiences helps our students swim through even the toughest challenges. 

The FCE PTO works tirelessly to provide student and staff experiences that are out of this world! 

Our talented staff at FCE strives to create a place for students to be risk-takers, inventors, creators, and problem solvers inside and outside of the school walls.

Amy Bowman

Principal, Fall Creek Elementary  

Monarchs on a flower
students giving thumbs-up
students digging