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COVID-19 Classroom Notifications

Below is a list of classrooms and/or buses with a reported positive. This serves as notification that your student was possibly exposed during the school day to a student who tested positive for COVID-19. If you have questions, feel free to call the office. 

Ms. Groninger's Class       Bus 83      3-07-2022
Mrs. Miller's Class             Bus 259    4-09-2022
Mrs. Miller's Class             Bus 241    4-25-2022
Mrs. Nation's Class                             4-29-2022
Staff                                                      4-29-2022

Mrs. Ley's Class                Bus 111     5-02-2022
Staff                                                      5-02-2022
Mrs. Howard's Class         Bus 127    5-02-2022
Staff                                                      5-05-2022
Mrs. Ley's Class                Bus 142    5-05-2022
Mrs. Willman's Class        Bus 89      5-5-2022
Mr. Marquardt's Class      Bus 127    5-09-2022
Mrs. Schank's Class         Bus 127    5-09-2022
Mrs. Ging's Class             Bus 127     5-10-2022
Mrs. Ging's Class             Bus 139     5-10-2022


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