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Hamilton Southeastern classrooms employ many tools and resources to foster deep learning and the development of 21st-century skills. Among these are digital tools and resources. 

When digital devices are used in HSE classrooms, they serve as learning and creation tools (Jonassen, D., Carr, C., & Yeah, H. 1998).  HSE is a 1:1 school corporation; that is, each student in grades K-12 uses a personal digital device as a learning tool. 


Device Specification


  • iPad models (excluding iPad Pros) 6th - 9th generation are approved devices.  Models subject to change depending on state and testing requirements.
  • Families may provide their own iPad or rent an iPad. Rental forms must be filled out in Skyward.
  • Note: iPad Air 6th gen and newer and iPad 10th gen do not have headphone ports - Bluetooth headphones will be required for those devices.
  • Note: The device must be on the current iOS version in order to function for testing purposes. iPad Pros are incompatible with testing requirements. 


  • A personal computing device - a tablet or laptop that has at least a 9" screen.
  • Families may provide their own device or rent a 13" MacBook Air which including charging cord and case.
  • Chromebooks, Smartphones, or iPad Minis are not acceptable devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

K-8 Devices

General information about iPads can be found here. 

High School Devices

Device Requirements

A personal computing device- any brand of tablet or laptop that has at least a 9" screen (Chromebooks, Smartphones, or iPad Minis do NOT meet these requirements).     
Families may provide their own device or rent a 13" MacBook Air (including charging cord and case). 

For general questions about student devices at the High School level, please contact:

Fishers High School  Hamilton Southeastern High School

General information about MacBooks.